Outsourcing Services: Simplify by Minimizing

CentraLink's methods of outsourcing infrastructure generate a set of flexible programs: from end-to-end transformation to addressing a performance issue. Our outsourcing services can effectively streamline enterprise-wide operations already in use or to be arranged for mergers, additions and expansion.

Management Services:

This service includes total technology outsourcing by providing the utmost experience in service management while significantly reducing your operational costs.

Hosting Microsoft Exchange:

By outsourcing your messaging platform, CentraLink can increase productivity in daily message management and overall IT architecture by establishing a solid state-of-the-art Microsoft Exchange platform. CentraLink uses the Microsoft Exchange server, since it is the most effective and proven email and collaboration platform for businesses to communicate with partners and customers while boosting employee productivity.
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However, building the Microsoft Exchange server requires a large investment on the part of the client in terms of hardware, software, installation, configuration and management on a daily basis.

This is why we recommend Exchange Hosting. It allows companies like yours to enjoy all the productive benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the complication or cost of managing it within the enterprise.

Hosting SharePoint:

Another available option to increase team productivity is to use the Windows SharePoint platform. Businesses of any size can use SharePoint to build corporate portals and intranets and share document repositories to increase collaboration within and between a company as well as its partners, vendors and customers.

Infrastructure Outsourcing:

CentraLink Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) enables organizations to streamline their IT operations, while increasing IT flexibility, scalability, predictability and security as needed to address changing market conditions.

CentraLink can manage your Data Center 24 x 7 x 365. With a proven track record and highly experienced team of technologists and seasoned executives, CentraLink knows outsourcing.

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